About Our Repair Shop


Acoustic Music is your one-stop-shop for the setup, repair and conservation of fretted acoustic stringed instruments.


All services are a la carte. Some services may require other services to complete the job. All prices are estimates subject to physical evaluation. Lead times will vary and all services are on a first in, first out basis.





Stop by to chat with our Luthier during these hours below or scroll down for appointment information.


Consultation Hours:

M/W 3-6pm

Sat 12-2pm



Acoustic Repair Services


  • Setups (banjos, steel and nylon string guitars, mandolins, ukuleles)
  • Fretwork (fret level/crown/polish, spot level, reseat loose frets, dress sharp, sprouted fret ends)
  • Custom bone nut and saddle fabrication
  • Acoustic pickup installation
  • Broken headstock repair
  • Binding repair
  • Acoustic bridge repair
  • Structural repairs (glue cracks, punctures and braces)


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While walk-in repairs are still accepted, we'd prefer you to schedule your appointment by emailing or filling out the inquiry form below.


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