Instrument Repair
Need a setup, a crack repair, a fret leveling, or a bridge re-glue? Gifted your grandma's heirloom ukulele but it's making a mysterious buzz when you strum it? We invite you to bring your instrument into the shop to get it checked out. We offer free estimates, and have seen and fixed it all!

guitar repair in progress at Acoustic Music SLC


On a case-by-case basis, Acoustic Music accepts used instruments to sell on consignment. Feel free to bring your instrument by the shop for Megan to take a look at. We have lots of interested customers coming through our doors every day, and your instrument might be the perfect fit for one of them.


Founded in 1991, Acoustic Music Studios has nurtured thousands of budding musicians along their musical path. The roster of over a dozen teachers specializes in a variety of stringed instruments and styles. Feel free to contact teachers directly for openings. If you're unsure about who might be the best fit for you, give us a holler. We're happy to offer our recommendations.

Kim Driggs with his student
Kim Driggs, teacher, with a student

Dave Phillips - 801-979-7797 - guitar, acoustic & electric, uke

Kim Driggs - 801-599-9534 - guitar, uke: country, rock folk, blues, jazz & theory

David Burchfield - 913-220-9499 - songwriting and beginning guitar

Chris Hough - 801-576-0931, 801-550-2994 - jazz, rock, folk, blues

Max Willard - 801-518-7828 - ukulele

Peter Choles, 801-531-8742 -classical guitar for children & adults

Ben Johnson - 801-209-3536 - electric/upright bass, acoustic/electric guitar

Roy Johnson - 801-364-7431 -classical guitar

John Kavanaugh - 801-518-6699 - acoustic guitar, bluegrass banjo, electric bass

Julie Mark - 801-897-7009 - pop, rock, folk guitar

Tara Shupe - 801-548-1126 - fiddle, mandolin

Jeannie Young - 801-388-4265 - beginning uke

Rex Flinner - 801-870-6473 - guitar, mandolin, banjo

Brad Wheeler - 801-389-9835 - harmonica

Mike Iverson - 801-782-0534 - clawhammer & old-time banjo

Zack Marquez - 801-232-2651 - vocal coach & beginning guitar

Dante Giacobassi - 414-573-2650 - viola, mandolin, guitar, mandola & tenor banjo

Jared Antonio Garcia Lyons - 801-427-0759 - flamenco & classical guitar

Alec Barker - 772-453-5371 - fiddle & violin; classical and bluegrass