About Us


Acoustic Music is an independent acoustic instrument shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our showroom features a large collection of Martin, Taylor, Collings, Bedell, Waterloo, Cordoba, Eastman, Teton, Breedlove, and Santa Cruz guitars. We also have an excellent selection of ukuleles, banjos, mandos, and a dedicated room for nylon string / classical guitars. We welcome people of all backgrounds and musical levels to come on in and explore!


Our Community


We feel lucky to've become a salty character in some people's life-stories over the half-century we've existed. We like to collect these stories in our series called #MyAcousticMusicStory. If you've got an Acoustic Music story or snippet you'd like to share, we'd love to hear it! Here's one from our owner, Meg Peters:



Under our portrait of Joni Mitchell we put a teensy stage, and then invite Salt Lake's best musicians to come into the shop, select the instruments off the wall that most speak to them, and play us some songs. The brief and ridiculously great performances that ensue are captured in our series called: #LittleStageConcertsCheck it out!




Megan Peters


Megan grew up in Salt Lake City. In junior high school, she'd spend hours in Acoustic Music belting out cover songs for whomever would listen - ultimately buying her first guitar from the shop. Her love of making music continued to grow, eventually blossoming into a career. She toured around the country for many years performing her original music (you can Google "Megan Peters music"). When she's not captaining the jolly ship Acoustic, she's running rivers, and making wearable creations with strings of the woolen variety.



Aaron Jones
Luthier/ Instrument Repair

Aaron grew up in Salt Lake City and has been shopping at Acoustic Music since he was a kid. When he's not meticulously and conscientiously rebooting acoustic instruments back to their original glory, or riding a motorcycle through the mountains, he writes and performs his own original music. He is currently working on a full-length record.


An Acoustic Music calendar we found lying around from 1977

Acoustic Music was founded in 1973 by Jim Majors. 

photograph contrasting the original and the remodeled Acoustic Music storefronts